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Varied Recreational Programs Spark Creative Passions

Concetta Previte came to Beth Abraham for rehabilitation following a serious illness and surgery. Because she was unable to use her left arm, the staff encouraged her to participate in recreational activities, both to reanimate her arm and to keep her spirits up. Their persistence and Concetta’s determination paid off, and she got the use of her left arm back. But that was not quite the end of the story…

When the initial rehab was over, Concetta elected to stay on as a long term care resident.

“I have all the freedom I want at Beth Abraham to fulfill my dreams, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do.”

Concetta’s passions include writing music and lyrics, recording onto her own CD in the Beth Abraham recording studio, painting with acrylics and exhibiting her work at Beth Abraham art shows.

“But,” she confides, “my real vice and passion is the computer. I spend hours every day in our Internet Café, either emailing friends or learning how and why things work. I can’t seem to get enough.”